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    Japanese Swordsmanship

       Shinkage Ryu, ShinShin Muso Ryu

             Battojutsu, Iaijutsu, Kenjutsu


    … “When knowledge is mature, the mind forgets about the

    hand, the hand forgets about the sword,”…


    You Are Invited to Learn:


    Battojutsu – The techniques of  draw and sheath a sword, eye/hand coordination, speed, power and body position is the foundation of it.

    Iaijutsu - Techniques of draw, cuts and sheath the sword.

    Kenjutsu  – Techniques of movement,   teaches the student the necessary skills needed when fighting. Through a series of moves, the student develops discipline of coordination, concentration, balance, endurance and power.

    Suburi/tameshigiri – The theory and practice of the sword are harmonized in Cutting. Speed, accuracy, power, footwork and concentration of intent are required. Cutting is the Art of Swordsmanship in practice.

    Meditation and Philosophy –  “next level”, where the student develops knowledge, understanding , calmness and inner peace.





    All Classes at RAOB Hall
    283 Tingal Road, Wynnum (opposite Nissan).



    Chief Instructor Peter Chmielewski
    p: 0400 381 911
    e: E-Mail Here

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