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    Japanese Swordsmanship

       Shinkage Ryu, ShinShin Muso Ryu

             Battojutsu, Iaijutsu, Kenjutsu


    … “When knowledge is mature, the mind forgets about the

    hand, the hand forgets about the sword,”…


    You Are Invited to Learn:


    Battojutsu – The techniques of  draw and sheath a sword.

    Iaijutsu - Techniques of draw, cuts and sheath the sword.

    Kenjutsu  – Techniques of engage and body arrangmet,  skills needed when fighting.

    Suburi/tameshigiri -  Speed, accuracy, power, footwork and concentration of intent are required. Cutting is the Art of Swordsmanship in practice.

    Meditation and Philosophy –  “next level”-  training in mind, develops feeling, knowledge, understanding, calmness and inner peace.





    All Classes at RAOB Hall
    283 Tingal Road, Wynnum (opposite Nissan).



    Chief Instructor Peter Chmielewski
    p: 0400 381 911
    e: E-Mail Here

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